Design: How To Showcase a Print

The day has come – your chosen print or collection of prints has arrived in the mail. Now it is time to display them in your abode, but how and where do you start? Artwork is an integral element of any interior, it is an instant injection of your personality and there are a few key things to consider. What height should you hang your print? How do you make a collection look cohesive? One thing is for sure hold off on banging in a nail and follow these suggestions below. Also, let’s be clear here, this is about displaying a reproduced piece of affordable art – not an original, expensive masterpiece. For that you may wish to chat to an expert.

To Frame or Not To Frame
There are plenty of solutions for hanging your piece of art. Firstly, you will need to decide if you wish to frame it or opt for a clean, raw look. There are no right or wrong answers, but a frame will offer more protection and preserve it over time. It will prevent tears, creases and some water damage.

Finding The Best Spot
Determining the right location for your print is key. Does it suit a bedroom, living area, hallway, nook, office or entrance? Do not overlook the toilet either, who does not like a little something to admire when on the loo? Best thing to do is rope in a friend to roam freely around your space, holding up the artwork until you shout, ‘Stop, don’t move! That’s it!’.

Consider the practicalities too! A tiny piece may get lost on a big wall, whilst the opposite with an immense piece could dominate a room.


Stand Alone or With a Friend
Is the piece working best on its own or does it need to be part of a collage? If you are unsure, arrange your prints on the floor or bed and experiment with different compositions. Have fun with this and pop a small print below a larger one or allow one to stand alone and pack a punch. Groups of five or six prints can look as effective as one large piece.

Ultimately, if you opt for a collection you want them to complement, rather than compete, with each other.

Hang, Stand or Lean
There are no hard and fast rules about hanging an art print. If it is framed then try leaning it on a shelf, ledge or sideboard. Depending on its size, try lining up a few extra large prints that are framed along a wide hallway, corridor or end of a bed.

When it comes to hanging it is important that the size of the print is right for the space. Also consider the weight of the artwork and select the correct hook allowing for extra weight. Stick on hooks are perfect for renters as they leave no marks.

Generally, artworks should be hung with centre at eye level which is approximately 1.5m from the floor. But also trust your instinct, be flexible and position it where it feels right.

Tricks of the Trade

  • Never position a picture in direct sunlight as this will only cause damage.
  • Use Post-it notes instead of pencil to mark out the edges of the frame and where you plan to place hooks.
  • Bathrooms are not ideal places for art due to their humid and hot environments.
  • Mix it up! Combine a monochromatic with a colourful piece, abstract with something more realistic.

And that is it! Grab your measuring tape, hooks, Post-it notes and maybe a friend and away you go.

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