Meet Jennifer Bouron: Fashion Drawer

Simplicity and curated colour choices are stand-out features for French illustrator and designer, Jennifer Bouron. She is known for her fashionable drawings, contemporary portraits and inky tones.

Jennifer has been collaborating with Nerida Hansen since 2018 and coincidentally, she too lives in a small village, near the sea.

“I am inspired by moments,” says Jennifer. “I like to walk outside, look at the city or nature. I can be inspired by a window or shells on the beach. Shapes and colours move me the most.”

She produces stylish, eye-catching and fun artwork that tend to star cats, polka dots, stripes, plants, women and another of her loves – tea.

Prior to freelancing as an illustrator, Jennifer worked as a fashion designer for a kidswear company in the Netherlands. After three years in the fashion space she realised she wanted to work on different projects and not always the same thing.

“It was an excellent experience, but I started to get bored,” says Jennifer. “I always wanted to be a fashion designer, but I soon found out that what I really like drawing was characters and patterns, not black and white flat technical drawings.”

Jennifer says she still adores fashion and dreams of one day launching her own clothing range. “I always find myself drawing my characters with clothes that I would like in my own wardrobe,” she laughs.

Some of Jennifer’s clients include Frankie magazine, Apartment Therapy, Flow and Monsterthreads.

Jessica’s latest designs Winter Woman and Winter Flowers, with more to come later in the year, are available as prints at and fabrics at


Words by Jacqui Taylor