It may come as a surprise that the person behind Future Folk Designs is Nerida Hansen, known for her role as creative director and founder of Nerida Hansen Fabrics.

Nerida is constantly thinking about what to do next, how could she improve her business and what is missing in the market place. That is where Future Folk Designs comes in. She saw a gap plus a need for more glowing positivity and she is going after it!

Looking back on Nerida’s professional journey she first embarked on a career in textiles in 2008 with her own sporting label for men and women. Followed by a two-year stint as a junior buyer of licensed bedding for a major retailer. In this role she was introduced to manufacturers in South Korea and India and as a result unleashed her passion for fabrics and design.

It was during this time that she pitched her idea to support independent artists and designers to a major retailer, but they were not interested. Believing in herself and her vision, Nerida left her job and started representing independent artists. She turned her dream into a reality and launched her first collection of digitally printed fabrics back in 2017. Nerida Hansen Fabrics was born and it was a sell out!

Fast-forward to today where she is at the top of her game in the textiles market and building an empire with Future Folk Designs as the latest addition.

Nerida is one heck of a savvy businesswoman, who knows what she wants and puts her heart and soul into her work. Her authenticity and integrity is utterly refreshing and somewhat contagious. Stay watching, because there is more to come!