Future Folk Fundraising is an allergy-free, sugar-free, hassle-free, fuss-free, injury-free (you laugh but it is true) and proudly Australian owned way to raise funds for your school, cause, organisation, club or social group.

Choose from personalised and iron-on labels that are teamed with your chosen design and bright and fun decorative wall decals and prints. Some of the original artwork is quirky and vibrant, other images are iconic and some ooze flora and fauna. It is your choice!

Customers can place individual purchases with a return of 20 per cent to your organisation’s account. Watch the donating dollars climb!


1.  Simply register your group/school/individual/organisation.

2.  Receive your unique fundraising code and share it with your community, members, family, friends and colleagues.

3.  Start shopping. This is the easy part as everyone can do it in their own time, with no obligation and online at www.futurefolk.com.au.

4.  Orders are shipped within one to three days directly to customer.

5.  Time to redeem. At the end of every month we will reconcile your earnings and transfer into your chosen account.

6.  Celebrate your success and thank those who contributed to your fundraiser. Consider posting stories on your social media accounts and tag @wearefuturefolk as we love to see each group achieve their fundraising goals.




Fundraising FAQs

Future Folk Fundraising Marketing Kit